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I created ExplorerNippon to share my experiences as a foreigner living in Japan. While there are tons of resources out there that cover this topic, I feel there can never be enough perspectives on such a vast and intricate society. As a foreigner living in the country, I have the great privilege of being able to live, work and play here. ExplorerNippon is my outlet to share all of these things—good, bad and ugly.

Through ExplorerNippon, I hope to share my experiences traveling to the various prefectures of Japan so that you can learn from not only my successes but also my failures. I also hope to share the everyday administrative tasks that come with living in this country, in order to ease your life here. Most importantly, I hope to share my love for this country and all the unique elements of Japanese culture.

About Me

Above all else, I am an infinitely curious spirit. This curiosity has guided me in work, life and love. By day, I am a web developer here in Tokyo. I am self-taught, which means I spend a lot of time learning and trying to improve my skillset. (It also means I deal with a fair amount of imposter-syndrome, which this project has really helped with.)

When I am not writing/learning code, I can be found doing one of three things. Working out at the gym, video chatting with my loved ones back in the States, or going on small adventures in Japan. By adventure, I don’t necessarily mean travel (although there is plenty of that). I mean taking on something new or unknown. I believe adventure can be found in even the most seemingly trivial of tasks.

Adventure begins inside us and extends into the world around us.

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